SHOCKING: "You Want To Bring Friends?" M'sian's 1st Porn Studio Is Offering New Talents RM500 Per Shoot



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SHOCKING: "You Want To Bring Friends?" M'sian's 1st Porn Studio Is Offering New Talents RM500 Per Shoot

By JustineG

There has been an influx of absurd news stories, including the case of a boudoir photographer assaulting over 40 women during shoots. This makes such shoots, even if intended for boosting self-confidence, quite risky for women. However, a recent development involves a local porn studio reaching out to potential talents, offering jobs at RM500 per shoot.  

The individual behind this company claims it might be the first and only Malaysian porn company, focusing more on modern bondage using tapes instead of ropes. According to shared screenshots, the company representative mentioned that the job, lasting around 3-5 hours a day, would not involve sex, orgasms, BDSM/S&M. Still, it would require the talent to act nude. The studio assures safety through a contract signed by talents, pledging no harassment, and talents can choose an alias for their actor name, with their faces featured in the video.  

Despite being a Malaysian company, the studio remains anonymous, revealing nothing about the country. For distribution, the content will be featured on their official website, along with platforms like OnlyFans, Manyvids, and Clips4Sale.  

When the talent questioned how they found her Instagram page, the studio claimed it was through browsing followers' lists. The talent, suspicious of the agenda, expressed safety concerns, to which the studio replied with a nonchalant, "Why would we kidnap/kill you at a public place in Malaysia? This is not Colombia, and killing/kidnapping you will not benefit our studio business at all. Not to mention our identities."

The woman suggested feeling more comfortable if there were other talents she knew at the meeting. Instead of providing reassurance, the individual replied quite indifferently, "I don't mind. But are you sure you want to bring your friends?" implying a preference for a solo meeting. 

As of now, there's limited information about the company or how many women have received similar offers. Nonetheless, it's crucial to exercise caution, considering the potential risks associated with such endeavours.

Source: SAYS, Hype

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