How Do You Have Clean, Undarkened Armpits? We're Telling You The Tea Right Here!



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How Do You Have Clean, Undarkened Armpits? We're Telling You The Tea Right Here!

By ellephant

It's very annoying when your armpits are not the same shade as the rest of your body, and when they look real musty, when in reality, you do nothing but keep them clean.

If you're struggling with this like the rest of us, here are some tips that can probably help you get em' exactly the way you want em' to look. 

Check it out.  

Tip #1 

Try to shave and not wax. As far as the advice goes, most people would advice the opposite, but if it hasn't been working for you thus far, then maybe it's time you switch it up. 

Tip #2 

Use men's razors. Men's razors are so much more sharper than female razors (we don't know why). The sharpness also ensures that you don't have small bumps the next day. Besides that, men's razors are cheaper. *rolls eyes*  

Tip #3 

Exfoliate. Use a body exfoliator, and just exfoliate while you're in the shower. This will get rid of any dirt or ingrown hairs trapped underneath there. 

Tip #4

Moisturize after your exfoliate. It can be a body moisturizer or just your face moisturizer, slap some on and gently rub it into your underarms. You could also try aloe vera!  

Tip #5

Roll on deodorants are a good way to go. They're much more delicate to the skin, so opt for one of those. 

Tip #6 

Try laser hair removal or IPL, if you'd like to not have any hair under your pits. This method can prevent ingrown hairs and bumps. 

And there you have it--6 life saving tips for your pits!

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