WATCH: University In Terengganu Faces Backlash For Hosting 'Concert'



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WATCH: University In Terengganu Faces Backlash For Hosting 'Concert'

By JustineG

A video capturing students enjoying a concert at a university in Terengganu has been making rounds on social media, going viral in no time. 

Netizens have expressed their concerns, questioning whether parents are paying for their children's education or for them to dance and socialize. 

Additionally, some have raised questions about the university's decision to organize a concert, despite it being conducted within proper restrictions, causing a bit of unrest among the public.

In response to the uproar, the university administration has issued a statement to address the situation.

UMNOSiswa UMT, a student organization, has acknowledged the contentious issue brought to attention by SiswaPAS Terengganu. SiswaPAS had uploaded a video related to the "Malam Galau" event that took place on June 10 at Dewan Sultan Mizan, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. 

It is crucial to clarify that the actual events unfolded differently from what was initially portrayed by netizens based on the video footage.

According to the university administration, the event adhered to the established Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) set by UMT. Live broadcast footage available on YouTube demonstrates that the concert proceeded smoothly, in an orderly manner, and with decorum. 

However, the viral video shared on SiswaPAS's old social media account selectively focused on a few students who were contributing to the lively atmosphere during the closing part of the program.

UMNOSiswa has expressed its support and willingness to accept constructive criticism. 

However, they have urged SiswaPAS Terengganu to apologize to UMT for the negative portrayal on social media, which has damaged the university's reputation.

The student organization also called upon individuals who have defamed UMT on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others, to promptly issue apologies and retract any defamatory or anger-inciting content targeted at the UMT community.

In conclusion, UMNOSiswa UMT emphasized the importance of rational thinking in politics for all political figures, both within and outside Terengganu. They reminded individuals that there are official channels available to address concerns openly or internally. 

Engaging in politics solely to tarnish the reputation of others will ultimately have a negative impact on global harmony.

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