The Do’s And Dont’s Of Friends With Benefits— How To Keep It Casual:



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The Do’s And Dont’s Of Friends With Benefits— How To Keep It Casual:


What Is Friends With Benefit (FWB)?

It's a term used to describe a sexual relationship between two people who share a platonic connection. Meaning: Friends who have sex with each other. Strictly platonic, strictly sexual.

Sounds tricky? Not when you follow these rules. 

1. Keep It Strictly "Professional"

It helps to know exactly what you're signing for, and here's the ultimate rule:
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No catching feelings. It's easy to confuse feelings of sexual intimacy for deep affection but if the other party is strictly interested in casual sex, it might end up ugly for either one of you. Simply put, if you're a hopeless romantic, FWB would probably be an extreme sport. 

2. Keep Communication At A Healthy Level
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Don't be shy to talk to your sexual partner about your preferences in bed. The goal here is mutual satisfaction and with FWB, you get to explore the exciting spectrums of pleasure without the emotional commitment. Fun, yes? 

3. No Cuddling (With Or Without Clothes!)
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Or spooning, or practically anything else that falls under that category. It'd merely complicate an already delicate partnership, so it is highly suggested to go against it.  

4. No Cheesy, Romantic Stuff
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There's a reason why it's called casual sex, and not Here's-Some-Flowers-And-Breakfast-In-Bed sex. 

5. Don't Be Offended If They Meet Someone New
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Having a sexual partner can be exciting, yes, but it is, after all, human nature to crave for something more than just a physical connection. Don't take it personally if your sex buddy meets someone else and decides to end your "partnership", because here's the thing: it is not programmed to last. 

6. Assert Clear Boundaries
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To prevent any messy partings, it is only right to set some rules between both parties beforehand, like for instance (again, this depends on the level of comfort you share with your partner):

• No hangouts after sex

• No sleepovers

• No PDA 

• Always use protection

• Abort mission if feelings are caught

These are some examples of rules that you can impose to ensure that your FWB journey stays smooth and drama-free.
source: Friends With Benefits (Movie)

Yes, FWB can be messy, but only when you mix feelings into the equation. Platonic sex is supposed to be liberating, experimental, and thrilling as long as you both are well aware of what you can and cannot do. 

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