15 Month Old Child In Seremban Found Dead In A Childcare Center After Being Left Alone For Three Hours



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15 Month Old Child In Seremban Found Dead In A Childcare Center After Being Left Alone For Three Hours


Yet another case of negligence in child care centers has happened in Malaysia: A 15-month-old girl has tragically passed on when her fragile neck was believed to be caught on a hammock, choking her to death. The shocking incident reportedly took place at the Taman Nusari Aman 2 Care Center, Bandar Sri Sendayan, yesterday.


According to the Seremban District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Nanda Maarof, during the incident, the child's caretaker was putting the victim to sleep at about 12:30 PM and left the room at 2 PM to perform other tasks. Prior to that, the child was given milk before her nap. 


"The nanny re-entered the room an hour later and found the child with her head stuck on the cradle cloth," Nanda added. The caretaker then rushed to unwrap the child out of the cradle and performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) however, there was no response, and the child was immediately sent to the Sendayan Health Clinic.


"Unfortunately the child was confirmed dead at 4:30 PM," Nanda concluded. 

Source: Berita Harian 

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