4 Reasons That Will Convince You To Watch Thai BL Series 'KinnPorsche'



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4 Reasons That Will Convince You To Watch Thai BL Series 'KinnPorsche'

By ellephant

Love is great, but boy-love? Okay, we really shouldn't be fetishizing. 

Latest on the trends is Thailand LGBTQ series KinnPorsche. The story about a bartender who is forced into being the bodyguard of the most powerful mafia in town, after 'running' into him.

Juggling thugs, gangs, guns and murder, the two inevitably fall for each other, and after our binge of all 14 episodes, here are 4 reasons why you should get on it. 

#4 They have a pretty rad plotline
An interesting story with all the right twists and turns, it is certainly a good watch. 

It's insane how every actor on looks so good, like how is that even possible?

#2 It's so sexy you could die
The kisses, the gestures and the sex? It is the stuff good pleasure is made of honestly. 

#1 Butterflies all around
All the sexy aside, the love and familiarity between the two mains, it just feels so crazily wholesome. 

Generally speaking, the show is of more raw in nature as compared to what one could be accustomed to, but entertaining nonetheless. Give it a shot and watch here


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