WATCH: Netizens Surprised That Man With Nissan GTR Is Just A Grab Driver



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WATCH: Netizens Surprised That Man With Nissan GTR Is Just A Grab Driver

2 Weeks ago
By Grace Sundram

TikToker @koocester is well-known for actively conducting brief interviews with owners of luxury vehicles to learn about their professions and to get advice that could be offered to help others achieve success like them.

So lately, he got in touch with someone who drives a Nissan GT-R and conducted an interview with him.

When the person was questioned about his profession, he replied that all he does is drive for Grab. 

Is that even possible, one wonders?


As a former pandarider, it is possible! Respect the hustle!

original sound - Koocester

He responded to the question about the greatest financial advice he could provide to people in their twenties by saying, "Save frequently. Do not just spend your money. Spend it wisely and give it to your parents. Or others who need it."

He is also questioned by @koocester about if he is really a Grab driver and how he could possibly afford a GT-R. According to the person, "You must save. You have a long way to go, so you have plenty of opportunity to save money."

However, it turns out that he also works for Lalamove in addition to being a Grab driver.

This straightforward sharing has unintentionally caught the attention of online users who are perplexed that a Grab platform driver is also able to possess a Nissan GT-R.

Netizens have theorised that he may be the creator or majority stakeholder of the Lalamove website.

Whereas some are curious about how he could afford such a car since he didn't say anything about how long he has been working as a Grab driver.

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Grace Sundram

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