Netizens Asks Sajat to Stay Away as Govt Continues to Torment



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Netizens Asks Sajat to Stay Away as Govt Continues to Torment

By ellephant

About more than a month ago, news reports surfaced about Malaysian beauty entrepreneur, Nur Sajat Kamaruzzaman (who transitioned from a male to female) failing to appear in court, after being charged for allegedly defaming the Muslim religion, due to her sexual identity.  

122 police officers were stationed to go in search of her, and netizens raged as the country put their extreme efforts into a matter, which was hardly a matter at all. 

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Nur Sajat, then fearing the Malaysian government and for her life, also announced via her socials about leaving the Muslim religion. 

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Since then, the young beauty entrepreneur has been on the run, and was reported today (April 4th) to have fled the country. 

The Inspector-General of Police (IGP) said that her decision do so was odd, as she is apparently not facing a serious charge in court. They also stated that they have a rough idea of her whereabouts, but can't seem to reach her. 

Netizens on the other hand, are not rooting for the government, and have instead asked Nur Sajat to stay away from the country. 

So, there's Covid-19, there's political chaos, but apparently, this is what matters.  

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