STOP! | These Workout Routines WON’T Help You Lose Weight



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STOP! | These Workout Routines WON’T Help You Lose Weight

By m7py

Have you been on a high-intensity workout routine for months but, still haven't seen any results? That's because whatever you're doing isn't focused on weight loss. So, check to see which exercise to get rid of your daily workout! 

1- Sit-ups

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If you think doing sit-ups will burn off your belly fat, well, you're WRONG! Sit-ups are meant to strengthen your core & give you six-pack abs! 

2- Yoga

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A 68kg person can only burn 150 calories in an hour during a yoga session. There are many other alternatives to get you shedding more calories than that. So, skip yoga if you're planning to slim down.

3- Spot reduction exercises

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It's a popular routine among weight-watchers! Everyone has that specific part on their body to slim down. This won't work because, by genetics, we aren't able to choose only certain areas to burn fat from. 

4- Extended cardio sessions

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Intense cardio workouts will only cause muscle loss. It might be able to burn fat, but not in absolute amounts. So, you'll need to combine it with strength training. Also, keep your cardio workouts to three 30-minute sessions per week. 

5- Pilates

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Pilates can do things like increase your life quality, improve flexibility & give you so much relaxation. However, weight loss is just not one of its many benefits. 


Make sure to plan the right workout session to get quick results! 

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