10 Healthy Habits Everyday to a Happier You



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10 Healthy Habits Everyday to a Happier You

By ellephant

Whether we realize it or not, being healthy automatically means being happy. 

When you're healthy, all body, mind and soul are in-sync, making us lighter, peaceful more content individuals. As difficult as living a healthy lifestyle might prove to be, remove laziness, procrastination or giving up, and you'll see that in actuality, it is relatively simple. 


In the spirits of drafting an easy way to living a healthy, happy life, here are 10 habits you could attempt everyday, to be the bestest version of you. 

Check them out. 

1. 8 hours of sleep - when your body tells you it is tired, listen to it

2. 10 minutes of meditation - silencing your mind after constant noise all the time, would tremendously help

3. 15 minutes of yoga - your muscles shouldn't be rigid, stretch it out every once in awhile


4. 3 days of cardio/week - get those legs moving, you have them for a reason

5. 30 minutes of exercise - may be the toughest, but also the most effective

6. 30 minutes of reading - the mind needs a workout too

7. 30 minutes of nature - do you want ageless, glowing skin or not?


8. 3 gratitudes/day - remind yourself to be grateful for the things you do have 

9. 1/2 plate of fiber/day - gotta get them fruit and veggies in

10. 2 liters of water/day - 8 glasses a day keeps the doctor away

Pretty easy right? Check off these 10 at the end of your day, everyday, and we promise you'd see astounding results.

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