Is South Korean Pop Icon PSY Coming To Perform In Malaysia in June 2022?



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Is South Korean Pop Icon PSY Coming To Perform In Malaysia in June 2022?


Malaysians have been deprived of live-stage performances for far too long due to the pandemic, and now that we're officially transitioning to an endemic phase, it seems like international artists have begun to flock to the country!

The latest international sensation rumored to be performing on the Malaysian stage after Justin Bieber, Russ, and Boys Like Girls is the popular South Korean pop star PSY, who is globally known for making "Oppa Gangnam Style" a worldwide phenomenon back in 2012. 

The pop sensation is scheduled to be performing at a private event early this June, along with other renowned local artists. Will the rest of the public stand a chance to see Psy perform too? Let's keep our fingers crossed!

EDITED: This article has been updated in accordance with this source. 

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Matcha-fueled Aries reporting for duty.



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