Tight and Non-Shariah Compliant? PAS MP Calls For Changes To Nurses' Dress Code In Malaysia



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Tight and Non-Shariah Compliant? PAS MP Calls For Changes To Nurses' Dress Code In Malaysia

By Ayunie

In a recent parliamentary debate on the Health White Paper, a PAS Member of Parliament (MP) raised concerns about the dress code for nurses, stating that it was too tight and not in line with shariah principles. The MP, Wan Razali Wan Nor from PN-Kuantan, questioned the adherence to Western standards and called for potential relaxations in the nurses' dress code.


During the deliberation on reforms for the public health sector, Wan Razali expressed his dissatisfaction with the current dress code for nurses, emphasizing that it accentuated their body shape. He raised a thought-provoking question, asking if Malaysia should continue to adopt Western influences when it comes to the attire of nurses. He further suggested the possibility of revising the dress code to allow for some flexibility and relaxation.

To support his argument, Wan Razali highlighted two healthcare facilities, namely the Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan, and the Sultan Azlan Shah Medical Centre in Kuantan, Pahang. These institutions were praised for offering nurses options in terms of their dress code, indicating that alternatives are feasible within the healthcare system.

Consideration of Shariah Compliance:

Wan Razali's call for changes to the dress code stemmed from his concern about its compliance with shariah principles. While specific details about what aspects of the current uniforms are considered non-compliant were not disclosed, the MP's proposal indicates a desire to align the nurses' attire with Islamic guidelines.

Public Reaction and Future Implications:

The MP's remarks have sparked discussions among both healthcare professionals and the public. Some have expressed support for revisiting the dress code, highlighting the need for a balance between professional appearance and cultural sensitivities. On the other hand, critics argue that healthcare professionals' attire should prioritize functionality and hygiene, rather than solely focusing on religious considerations.


The call for changes to the dress code for nurses by a PAS MP has ignited a conversation surrounding the attire of healthcare professionals. With concerns raised about the tightness of the uniforms and their compliance with shariah principles, it remains to be seen how the healthcare sector will respond to this issue. 

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