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Taeyeon Also Used Sunset Lamp To Take Selfie | 3 Usages Of Sunset Lamp

Jada   |   May 25, 2021, 00:31   |   28

Don't know what you can do when you stay at home? Today, let me introduce you to a useful photography tool, called a sunset lamp. It is now a hot item on the Internet and the Korean star Taeyeon is also using it. So, how can you fully utilise the sunset lamp if you have one?

1. Create Different Lightings In Your House 

The sunset lamp can create a particularly relaxed and warm environment. Your mood will soon be calm once you are in a comfortable environment.

2. Selfie

Sunset light is a good helper for taking pictures! The white wall in your house will become more colourful instantly. You can easily and freely create any instagrammable selfie with the sunset light. 

Other than yellowish-orange colour, sunset lights are available in purple colour too. And, Taeyeon is also using a purple sunset lamp to take a selfie (as you can see from her IG). 

3. Act As A Live Filter

If you would like to look for a more natural type of filter for your IG live, maybe you could consider a sunset lamp.

If you are interested, you can visit Taobao/Shopee/ Lazada to search for sunset light!


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