All You Need To Know To Bring Out Your 4 Happy Hormones



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All You Need To Know To Bring Out Your 4 Happy Hormones

By ellephant

If there are extra ways we can be happy this 2023, sign us up!

Believe it or not, we have happy hormones within us, and there are more ways than one, to bring them out. 

What are they, and how?

Check it out. 

1. Endorphins  

This hormone relieves pain, reduces stress and boost feelings of pleasure as well as physical well-being. 

Activities for increase:

- Exercise

- Sex

- Laughing

- Burning essential oils

- Dancing

- Creativity

- Spicy food

- Vents/rants

- Dark chocolates

- Red wine

2. Serotonin  

This hormone stabilizes mood, improves sleep, manages emotions, appetite and digestion.  

Activities for increase:

- Meditate/breathing exercises

- Yoga

- Spending time in nature/under the sun

- Listening to white noise

- Vitamin D

- Saunas

- Massages

- Hiking

- Easy-listen music

- Thinking positive thoughts

3. Oxytocin  

This hormone is known as the love hormone. It brings our warm fuzzy feelings, which encourage bonds with other people. 

Activities for increase:

- Petting an animal

- A good deed

- Hugs

- Talking to a loved one

- Time spent with friends

- A text message

- Vitamin C & D

- Consuming caffeine

- Singing

- Yoga

4. Dopamine  

This hormone is a feel-good hormone which manages the brain's reward centre. 

Activities for increase:

- Upbeat music

- Protein-rich diets

- Exercising

- A good night's sleep

- A task completed

- Meditation

- Spending time under the sun

- Chocolates

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