How Much Do You Know Women? Here Are 6 Signs She's Interested In You



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How Much Do You Know Women? Here Are 6 Signs She's Interested In You

1 Week ago
By ellephant

Women are particularly easy to understand, especially when they are interested in you. 

However, men are clueless most days, and never know if they are right, to make their move. 

There are a certain number of common nonverbal cues and gestures to look out for to know if she is interested in you. 

Here are 6 of them you should take note of.  

#1 She makes eye-contact

If she's looking at you a little too often, then best know that she likes what she sees, and is interested. 

#2 She plays with her hair

Very typical and an out-there cue, if she is twirling her hair or meddling with it, she likes you.  

#3 She tilts her head

When a woman tilts her head to one side when she is talking to you, that's another sign that she's interested. 

#4 She touches you

Women adore skinship, so if she does whatever she can to initiate a bit of skin contact, arms, shoulders, hands, thighs, then yes you're right up her alley.  

#5 She arches her back

When she wants you, she knowingly/unknowingly arches her back and pushes her hips back, to appear more attractive. 

#6 She doesn't sit still

From touching her hair, fixing her clothes, playing with her accessories, touching up her makeup, she likes you if she's conscious about the way she looks around you.  

Pretty simple no? Watch out for these cues when you're trying to find out if she's a yes, and you'll be good to go. 

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