WATCH: Adeline Finally Gets Taken To The Police Station By E-Hailing Driver After Trying To Avoid Making Full Payment



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WATCH: Adeline Finally Gets Taken To The Police Station By E-Hailing Driver After Trying To Avoid Making Full Payment

By JustineG

Just days after her previous attempt at scamming a driver, Adeline is back at it again, showing no signs of learning from her mistakes. This time, the driver had a dash cam recording the incident, which he later shared on social media. Based on the timestamp on the footage, the incident occurred this morning, March 22, at 4:23 a.m.

In the video, the driver dropped Adeline off at her destination, expecting the RM11 fare payment. However, when asked for payment, she claimed to only have RM4.70 in her Touch 'n Go wallet. Rather than letting her off the hook, the driver decided to take immediate action and drove her straight to the police station. Adeline appeared shocked at the prospect of facing consequences for her actions.

The driver informed her that he was aware of her previous attempts to evade payment, as this wasn't the first time he had picked her up. As they drove, Adeline panicked and tried to stall by asking the driver to wait while she called a friend.

However, the driver saw through her tactics and reminded her that he knew her history of deception. Despite her attempts to justify her actions, the driver insisted on receiving full payment. Adeline eventually agreed to pay the full fare and asked the driver to park outside the police station.

During the exchange, the driver questioned Adeline about her dishonest behaviour and pointed out that her actions had made her infamous on social media. After finally paying the fare, Adeline left the car, but only with the driver reminding her of the consequences of her actions. He urged her to stop scamming people and warned her that her reputation was already tarnished.

Adeline's repeated attempts at scamming drivers are catching up with her. Despite facing consequences, she seems unwilling to change her ways. 

It begs the question: when will she finally learn her lesson?

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