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Where is Chaeoyoung? Fans raging over TWICE’s new promo video

EGHYJ   |   Jan 14, 2021, 12:26   |   47

A new promo video from TWICE has sparked conversation between fans, as one of the members - Chaeyoung, was missing from the video. 

The promo video was to promote the group's upcoming online concert in Japan - TWICE in Wonderland 03.06.21 Japanese Online Concert. From the promo video, 8 out of 9 members of the group were present, except Chaeyoung. 

Many fans are happy to see Jeongyeon is back and joining the team. But then another member from the group was nowhere to be found. Fans are making guesses on Twitter of the reasons why Chaeyoung is not in the picture. Some deducted that the clip was prerecorded earlier on the group members has a new look/hairdo in their recent appearance, and Chaeyoung is probably feeling unwell on that day. 

Some fans are even making memes and jokes about it. 

Anyway how, we do hoped that Chaeyoung is doing fine and will be joining back the group soon. Looking forward to all 9 of them standing on the stage and perform again. 


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