BLACKPINK’s Lisa is the new Global Ambassador of BVLGARI - First Korean Celeb in history



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BLACKPINK’s Lisa is the new Global Ambassador of BVLGARI - First Korean Celeb in history


A huge congratulations to Lisa for being selected to be the Global Ambassador of the world renowned jewelry, watches and accessories brand - BVLGARI.  

Known for it's exquisite craftmanship and creativity,  BVLGARI said that the top K-pop star uphold a "bold and unrivaled performance with modern and trendy image as a fashion icon" which matches perfectly with the identity of the brand.  

Back in July, Lisa has represented the world class brand at national level in South Korea, and has participated in several digital campaigns like the "Serpenti" and "B.Zero1" collections launch. And now the brand has officially make her the icon of the brand at world wide level.  

Lisa is the first Korean Celebrity to become a Global Ambassador of BVLGARI. This means a big deal to not just the artist herself on her success and talent, but also to every single human, for being accepted and appreciated even if we are different. Which I would say that this is a great move from the international brand, for setting the example of inclusion. 

Another big clap to Lisa and we do hoped to see more from her and BLACKPINK! 

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