#SustainableLiving: Tips for Living with Less Plastic



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#SustainableLiving: Tips for Living with Less Plastic

By MJC97

Look, I know how being stuck indoors has really made you given up on most of your good habits because what’s the point right? We hope that the habit of using less plastic is still going on though! 

Just because we’re in lockdown it doesn’t mean that all the rubbish, pollution and environmental issues magically disappeared. So, here’s your reminder to use less plastic on a day-to-day basis! 

In case you’ve given up using less plastic for so long until you’ve forgotten how to do so, here are some tips that you can start practicing:

1. Drink without a straw or with a reusable one


Honestly, are you a child? Don’t you know how to drink water or juice without using a straw to guide the liquid into your mouth? Instead of using plastic straws just drink straight from the cup or if you really don’t know how tot drink straight from the cup then bring your own reusable metal or bamboo straws. 

If you don’t have a metal straw, then get one before you do more damage to the environment! Here’s a Shopee link, click on it now! 

2. Bring your own reusable water bottle everywhere you go


This is for two reasons, so that you stay hydrated and so that you don’t go and buy the RM 1.00 plastic water bottle from 7-Eleven. 

Do you know how many of those bottles are found in the ocean? More than 8 million tons each year! Get yourself a cute bottle from Shopee using this link and bring it with you wherever you go. 

3. Bring you own bag when for weighing vegetables and fruits in the supermarkets

You know how every time you go to Tesco you always us the plastic bags given to weigh your fruits and vegetables? Instead of using the plastic bag, bring your own bag to weigh it. 


Normally if you are buying lots of different veggies and fruits ten you will have to use one bag per type and that just means that in total, you’d end up using 7 to 10 plastic bags. Here is a Shopee link for you to get some reusable bags to weigh your fruits on veggies! 

4. Bring your own food container when tapau-ing

Tapau culture has become the new normal now that dine in is prohibited. Most of us normally rush to the nearest restaurant and tapau something for lunch. Try slowing down a little and bringing your own container when going to the restaurant.

If you tapau everyday for lunch and dinner, imagine how much single-use plastic you’re using!

5. Use foil or beeswax wrap instead of cling wrap

Unlink cling wrap that cannot be recycled, foil is recyclable. Use that instead. If you don’t like foil then try some beeswax wraps, here’s the Shopee link. They are super cute and super good for the environment. 


6. Switch to reusable menstrual products

If you are a menstruater, then ditch the pads and opt for reusable products instead. This is another habit that will actually save you money! You won’t have to spend money monthly on pads anymore. 

Just buy yourself a silicone diva cup or some reusable cloth pads or maybe menstrual underwear. You’ll only have to buy them once every few years instead of monthly. 

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