Spider-Man 3 Trailer Explained - Comeback of Tobey Maguire?! Because of Loki?! Potential Spoilers Alert



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Spider-Man 3 Trailer Explained - Comeback of Tobey Maguire?! Because of Loki?! Potential Spoilers Alert


Yes, yes and yes! MCU just dropped the trailer of the third sequel in Spider-Man trilogy - Spider-Man 3 : No Way From Home, featuring the cutie Tom Holland, Zendaya, and many more familiar casts, including, Benedict Cumberbatch, playing the role of Doctor Strange. Yes, Doctor Strange is in this movie! Exciting! 

If you haven't watch it or have already forgotten it, here's the trailer :

The trailer quickly taken over the social media and many hardcore MCU fans has spotted something rather odd while coming up with plenty of theories that might explained the events. Including...Tobey Maguire is coming back in this sequel!!! 

You might be thinking "Wait, what? Two Spider-MEN?" According to our prediction, yup, highly possible, and here's why :-

# 1 - The Appearance of Doctor Strange 

We know that Doctor Strange is amazing at sorcery and stuff. And to help you revise the current status of Doctor Strange, first, he has the Time Stone with him and second, he did learnt how to alter time after he secretly read The Book of Cagliostro. With that being said, the main objective of Peter went to Strange for help was because he wanted to erase everyone's memory of him but he got confused as Strange is performing the spell, and things gone out of hand, which Strange then said "We tempered the stability of space time" and hinted multiverse. Meaning? This film is very likely has a cross universe events, such as people from other universe came into this current universe. 

# 2 - The Train Duplicated

This might be a little bit more vague, and over-read? Maybe? But I can't deny the possibilities of this. 

In 2:15 of the trailer, the train Doctor Strange and Peter stood on duplicated (that scene is mind blowing btw). A YouTuber explained that this is actually an indication of the multiverse as it resembles the scene from Loki explaining the split reality. This further confirms the possibility of disruption caused by the earlier spell has "invited" someone people from another universe into the story. 

You might be guessing, why now only the universe become unstable, which crossing universe has happened way before in previous Avengers movie. The next theory explain it...


# 3 - The Ending of Loki

If you haven't watch Loki, this might be a spoiler to you! So what happened is, in the last episode of Loki, Sylvie killed He Who Remained which leads to the fracturing and splitting of multiverse. And since no Time Cops is there to fix the disruption, one can now easily cross-over to another universe. 

Now, we have confirmed that the multiverse is one of the main focus in this new Spider-Man film and that some character from the other universe might accidentally be sucked into this world. Still, it is hard to say which and who will be "arriving", as previously we have Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield both played the very same superhero before, considering the predecessors were made to be the part of the multiverse. Here's the final guess...

# 4 - Doc Ock's Appearance 

One of the notorious supervillain from the MCU - Dr. Otto Octavius, or more commonly known as Doctor Octopus or Doc Ock for short, appears in the trailer of Spider-Man 3 : No Way Home. If you didn't know, that this character only appears in the Spider Man 2 movie, featuring Tobey Maguire and not in any part of the other two versions of Spider-Man. This gives a concrete proves that characters from another universe is now crossing over to this world. That's not all~ In the trailer, Doc Ock greeted Peter (check 2:42 of the trailer). Imagine this, if you are from another universe, doesn't it makes more sense that the Peter Parker you knew looks like Tobey and not Tom?? And that's why you greeted him as Peter, and not "Who are you?" Just a thought~ Haha


Tell us what you think in the comment!! 

Anyway, MCU has did another amazing job getting us, not just to like the story, but curious what are the possibilities linkage and explanation. Certainly look forward to the Spider-Man 3 : No Way Home! 

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