Want Glowing, Radiant Skin Like Your Fave K-Celebs? Here's Your Answer!



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Want Glowing, Radiant Skin Like Your Fave K-Celebs? Here's Your Answer!


While you're watching your favorite K-Drama or K-Pop music video, have you ever paused to video to admire how glowing, moisturized, and flawless your favorite K-celebs skin is?!

GUILTY! I have done that a thousand times! 

Here are some of the main characteristics of their skin that I am so jealous of:

1. Moist & hydrated 


Skin that looks like you've drank 7 glasses of water that day-- absolutely moisturized with no flaky texture in sight. Talk about skin goals!

2. Smooth & supple 


Oh, what a privilege it is to have skin that's free of acne, scars blackhead, and coarse texture!

3. Glowing & radiant


Who doesn't want their skin to look like they're wearing the most striking highlighter, when in fact, it's just how their skin naturally looks?

4. Elastic & bouncy 


Have you ever seen those K-Beauty commercial ads where the women would showcase the bounciness of their skin with a few taps on their cheek? It's like having a smooth trampoline on your skin! One of the signs of healthy skin, right there. 

Isn't it crazy how healthy their skin is? If they can have healthy skin so can you! All you need to do is have the right products with the right ingredients that will enrich your skin and have you looking like a K-celeb in no time.

Here are some of the main ingredients for healthy skin to look out for in skincare products:

- Actistem Gold Nest

This ingredient helps to preserve the youthfulness of your skin and promotes skin elasticity for bouncy skin.

- Genencare (Betaine)

This promotes hydration and strengthens the skin barrier to ensure that your skin looks moist and hydrated all the time.

- Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

These ingredients help clear your skin by closing the pores, refining your skin, and improving any skin imperfections like wrinkles, fine lines, and spots for smooth and supple skin.

-Lime Caviar (AHA)

This is a natural exfoliator that removes dead skin cells and buildup while restoring its natural glow so that your skin doesn't look dull and has a glowing & radiant look.

That being said, here are the products we recommend, that contain all the needed ingredients to have healthy skin just like your favorite K-Celeb!

+ Nutox Renewing Treatment Moisturising Essence


With powerful high-moisture  molecules penetrating quickly & deeply for 72 hours of lasting hydration, the Nutox Renewing Treatment Moisturising Essence will increase hydration up to 81% immediately upon first application. 

Purchase Links: Shopee | Lazada | Watsons | Guardian

+ Nutox Renewing Treatment Ampoule


Nutox Renewing Treatment Ampoule exfoliates refines pores and removes dullness with its clear, non-greasy liquid that was designed for absorption of active ingredients so that your skin looks instantly radiant upon first application. 

Purchase Links: Shopee | Lazada | Watsons | Guardian

Nutox Get-Set Glow range can transform your lifeless skin into a lasting glowing complexion in just a few applications. Also, mark these dates and head on to the selected Watson branch for a complimentary skin test, exciting freebies, and more!


For more information on these latest Nutox products, don't forget to visit their official platforms  for the first step to achieve your dream skin!

Website:  https://nutox.my/getsetglow/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nutox_my/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NutoxStayYoung/

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