Fall In Love With UNIQLO’s Fall/Winter Collection As They Go Back to Today’s Classics



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Fall In Love With UNIQLO’s Fall/Winter Collection As They Go Back to Today’s Classics

By Pineapplesz

We were cordially invited to UNIQLO's Fall/Winter Collection 2022 Press Review to feast our eyes on their 'Lifewear' of Today's Classics. Let us tell you by the end of it, you're gonna want to grab the pieces there and run home with it all. We guarantee!

When it comes to classics for the chilly weather, we are thinking tweed jackets, trench coats and cashmere sweaters. The beloved items of fall and winter. However, these long standing classics can revolve over the years. 

UNIQLO upgraded their whole collection with warmer and lighter jackets, water-repellent coats and even knitwear made with WHOLEGARMENT® technology. This technology enables them to make the clothes using a single thread. Sustainability at its best!


The press review was held at Warehouse 3, Sentul Depot and it is the perfect place to display UNIQLO's cool collection. The preview also features a room where we can watch how each piece was made meticulously.

Another interesting information we've gotten during the press review was that the jackets are made using recycled down, fleeces spun from plastic bottles and last but not least, denim that requires much less water. It is crystal clear that UNIQLO is going towards a sustainable future and we are here for it!




Creating essentials that are made for all by designing classics for today, tomorrow and will last into the future.




UNIQLO has taken a balanced and holistic approach in this lovely collection. These upgrades maintain an authentic look while adapting to the needs of todays lifestyle.

Can this collection puh-lease come out now? We want it all!

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