Netizens Share Experience Of Encountering Scammer At TBS



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Netizens Share Experience Of Encountering Scammer At TBS


A Facebook user recently shared his experience of being scammed by a guy at the TBS bus station claiming that his Singapore bank account couldn't transfer money to his Touch'nGo account and many joins the conversation by sharing their encounters with the same guy.

According to Goh, he pitied the scammer and lent him RM50. However, the scammer refused to return that money by saying that he is not convenient to make the transfer when Goh texted him and he asked Goh to wait for a few more days.
Fellow netizens also shared how they were scammed by the same person in the past. Two said that he used to lied about his phone screen is broken and asked for money to get a ride to his workplace in Klang.

If you are scammed by the same person or tactic on Touch'nGo eWallet, you may report it to their help centre at +603-5022 3888. (Touch'nGo Contact Us) If you are involved in other scams, like phishing scams, Macau scams, malware attack scams, parcel scams, and love scams, here's how you should lodge your report.

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