Reporting Scams: This Is How You Lodge A Report If You Are Being Scammed



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Reporting Scams: This Is How You Lodge A Report If You Are Being Scammed


Scam calls have become increasingly prevalent in today's world and these scammers are constantly coming up with new tactics to target unsuspecting victims. From fake friend calls to Touch 'n Go scams, these liars leave us both financially and emotionally devastated. 

Although we do have plenty of precautionary messages and information from the officials floating around social media, we are still vulnerable to these scams. In the case that you have been scammed (including phishing scams, Macau scams, malware attack scams, parcel scams, and love scams), these are steps you should follow to help you lodge a report and possibly retrieve the money you've lost.

Step 0 - Cool Down

Yes, you are that unfortunate soul that is just being scammed. But panicking at this time can't do you any good. Rather, take a deep breath and focus on reporting the case. 

Step 1 - Get Your Details Ready

Write down the following details on a piece of paper before you call the relevant parties.

- Your personal details (name, contact number, identification card (IC), and bank account number).

- A timeline of the activities that took place during the scamming incident.

- Details of the scammed transaction (time of transaction, amount transferred, the scammer's bank account number (if any), any other link or conversations screenshot if applicable).

IMPORTANT: None of these institutions will ask you for sensitive information pertaining to your personal banking information, which includes your account username, password, PIN, TAC, or OTP.

Step 2 - Call and Report

-- Within 24 hours after the event...

Dial 997 for National Scam Response Centre (NSRC) hotline as soon as possible.

The hotline operates from 8 am to 8 pm daily (public holidays included). 

NSRC is a joint effort between the National Anti-Financial Crime Centre (NFCC), Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), the PDRM, financial and telecommunication institutions, and various resources and experts. It is crucial to call NSRC in the shortest time after being scammed as it could help intercept the transaction and possibly save your stolen money. 

NSRC encourages you to call your respective bank after you have contacted the NSRC hotline to increase the chances of solving the scam in a faster time. However, if you have contacted your bank first before calling the NSRC hotline, there's no need to contact NSRC again. 

-- More than 24 hours after the event...

Call your bank instead. 

>> You may find the hotline of all the banks in Malaysia here. <<

NSRC hotline is meant to be an emergency response number. If the event has passed for too long, the responses from NSRC may not be as efficient. 

Step 3 - Lodge A Police Report

Calling the authorities is not the final step. A formal investigation by our Royal Malaysia Police (RPM or PDRM) is still needed. 

Head to the nearest police station and draft a police report after you have done Step 2. This is to help the police to investigate the scamming case. Therefore it is important to still make a police report even after you have gotten back your money. 

Friendly Reminder: Do dress yourself according to the police station's dress code ya.

Step 4 - Check Your Police Report Status

A police investigating office will be assigned to each case. You may check with your assigned police officer or online on the status afterwards 

And that's the end. 

Well, we do hope that you will never be needing this, but, just in case, touchwood, hoped that this piece of information could help you. 

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