WATCH: "Daddy Issues?" Wedding Guests Shocked To Find Out That The Groom Is Older Than Father-In-Law



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WATCH: "Daddy Issues?" Wedding Guests Shocked To Find Out That The Groom Is Older Than Father-In-Law

By JustineG

We've often heard about couples with significant age gaps or where one partner is older than their sibling, right? But have you ever heard of a groom being older than his father-in-law?

Despite the 36-year age difference between the newlywed couple, during the ceremony, as part of the tradition of receiving the bride from the father, the groom knelt on one knee to express his sincerity. The amusing twist was that the bride's father, who was accompanying her, seemed younger than the kneeling groom. At that moment, it became unclear who was getting married. 

It is reported that the groom, Mr. Tang, has been successful in his career for many years and is quite well-off. Despite his success, he did not find the right woman until he met his current wife and decided to spend a lifetime together. 

His older age did not hinder him from pursuing a woman in her twenties. In response, netizens commented on the financial aspects, saying, "Having money makes things easier," and making remarks related to wealth. Fortunately, there were also sensible netizens sincerely wishing the newlyweds well.

Watch the full video HERE!

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