Man Urgently Pleads For Temporary Job At Wedding Venue Just To Buy Food For The Day



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Man Urgently Pleads For Temporary Job At Wedding Venue Just To Buy Food For The Day

By MJC97

Everyone faces trials in life, but it is one's resilience that determines how these challenges are met. This is exemplified in the recent viral story of a young man from Duyong, Melaka, who went to extraordinary lengths to find temporary work.

On a Thursday, a caterer named Sri Suzaidah Masri shared a heartfelt post on Facebook about a young man in his 20s who approached them in desperate need of a job. The catering team was in the midst of setting up tents and arranging chairs for a wedding when the young man approached her husband, pleading for any available work. He explained that he needed money urgently to buy food.

"He didn't mind what the job was; he was willing to do anything for just one day to earn money for food," Suzaidah recounted. The young man, who usually worked in a factory, was on a day off without pay. Holding back tears, he shared his dire situation, revealing that he could no longer afford to eat.

Suzaidah, moved by his plight, immediately agreed to hire him for the day. She told him to park his motorcycle and help with whatever tasks he could. "My heart broke listening to his story," she said. "Even though I didn't know him, he was one of us, and he had the courage to ask for help to fill his empty stomach."

The caterer's empathy extended beyond just offering him a job for the day. Suzaidah and her husband decided to buy him groceries, including rice and other essentials, and pay him for his work. "We have experienced hardship ourselves," she shared, "so we understand. We used to count coins just to get by."

Suzaidah also encouraged him to come back if he needed more part-time work. "This test isn't just for him; it's for us too," she reflected, expressing her admiration for his work ethic as he diligently helped set up chairs.

The story took a positive turn when the plight of the young man caught the attention of Datuk Mohd Noor Helmy Abd Halem, the Assemblyman for Duyong. His personal assistant contacted Suzaidah, and arrangements were swiftly made to provide further assistance to the young man.

"I hope no one judges him for accepting help," Suzaidah added. "This might have been his last resort. I won't reveal his identity except to those who can genuinely help, to protect his dignity."

This story, capturing both the struggles of an individual and the compassion of a community, highlights that in times of need, empathy and support can make a profound difference.

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