Tis The Season For Alcohol But Then Hangover? | 6 Best Methods To Deal With The Morning After



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Tis The Season For Alcohol But Then Hangover? | 6 Best Methods To Deal With The Morning After

By ellephant

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Nothing slaps as well as booze, and what better time to drink than now, during a time of back to back festivities. 

From parties, to gatherings, countdowns to family get-togethers, it's safe to say that for those of us who do drink, sobriety will not be an option. 

However, to every up a down, the sucky part comes the next day, when the room is STILL spinning. 

We did some research and thought to share the 6 hangover tips, you have no choice but to abide by. Check them out down below, so you're all prepped the next party you attend. 

1. Eat and drink


One of the most important thing to ensure after a night of drinking is getting nutrients in your body, as means to remove all that toxic shit you took in the night before. 

Opt for something which is not greasy, some soups, some juices, bland carbs like bread or crackers. Anything which isn't alcoholic or caffeinated. 

2. Sleep it off


Alcohol leads to low-quality sleep. So if you did get a wink in, it's probably not good enough. Should you have the luxury to sleep, then use the next day to sleep the hangover away. 

3. Drink water


Alcohol dehydrates the body. If you want a substantial way to feel less crap, drink as much water as you possibly can. This can help your body slow down after a crazy night. 

4. Move around (if possible)


We're not asking you to go to the gym or do a full body workout. But, talking a walk, stretching your muscles and just physically regulating your body, may lessen the alcohol fog in your brain. 

5. Take a shower


A cold shower especially, would flush out all the toxins from the night before. It would increase circulation. For those who are able to take a bath, soaking in a tub would also feel great. 

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