Gym Coach Went To The Gym 1,867 Times, Shares Biggest Mistakes To Avoid



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Gym Coach Went To The Gym 1,867 Times, Shares Biggest Mistakes To Avoid

By ellephant

Taking to Twitter, Coach Raj, shared some of the biggest mistakes he learnt after going to the gym almost 2,000 times, and we thought we'd share his findings. 

Here are 6 practices you should be avoiding, when going to the gym. 

#1 Shorter rest times between sets  

Low rest times do not mean better/more toned muscles. As a matter of fact, muscles are built from building muscles and being lean. Building muscles means getting stronger over time, and shorter rest times do not help that process. 

Your body has to fully recover, in order to build strength. 

#2 Aggressive calorie deficit    

Despite the results you see from excessively lowering your calorie intake, this method will not hold up in the long run. Start small, and slowly move up. The goal is to lose fat, but also to eat as much as you can. 

#3 Supplements supplements supplements  

As much as many pushes forth this idea, at the end of the day, the best supplement is getting stronger every week, sleeping quality sleep of at least 7 hours every night, and practicing a high-protein diet. 

#4 Skipping leg day  

You're going to look weird if only half your body is toned. Training your legs will increase the rate of building all other muscles. Training legs = training entire body

#5 Not having fitness friends  

Doing it on your own isn't impossible, but it also isn't as fun. Having friends who share the same vision you do would ensure you're both held accountable and provide something to look forward to, together. 

#6 Not tracking your workouts  

Last but not least, another important step many do not practice, keeping track of progress. Placing a quantity over how much you're doing for your body will help you want to achieve more and go the distance. 

There you have it. Easy-peasy, no?

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