Things Guys Do That Just Means He’s Not Into You



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Things Guys Do That Just Means He’s Not Into You

By ellephant

It’s rather simple when you’re trying to find out a guy is interested in you or not.

PS: Interested in the sense that he wants you more than just a hook-up, fling or situationship.

Here are the signs, check them out.  

#1 When he only weekend or night texts you

That’s the time they wanna have fun or don’t have much going on. It’s a little fling, it’s a booty call. 

#2 If all you see is his bedroom

That is the only place in his life he wants you to see. He is not bringing you out on dates, he is not showing you to his friends, he is not taking you out on dinner dates. He does not want you to be involved in his life like that.  

#3 If he’s a bad texter

Any guy will text you, find time, make time and put in the effort to pursue the relationship if he wants you. If not, he’ll call.

#4 If he isn’t making real plans 

If he isn’t booking in advance for a dinner or telling you when is the next time he’s going to see you or making any type of for the future plans, just so that he knows you’re free for him, then he isn’t where you want him to be.  

#5 He doesn’t check in

He doesn’t ask you what you’ve been up to, or how you’re doing, where you’re going or with whom. He simply doesn’t care.

So, those are the tells. Be sure to check from time to time so you’re not undignifyingly barking up the wrong tree!


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