Christian Theseira Will Be The FIRST Artist in Malaysia To Launch An NFT Music Album! Here's How You Can Support



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Christian Theseira Will Be The FIRST Artist in Malaysia To Launch An NFT Music Album! Here's How You Can Support

By MJC97

Malaysian born singer, songwriter and music producer Christian Theseira who is also dubbed as Malaysia's 'John Legend' will be releasing his first solo album! Christian Theseira is a former member of the popular local vocal harmony band Back2Basixx who are known for their hit singles 'Senyuman' and 'Sayangku'.

After choosing to pursue his solo music career, Christian is finally giving his fans what they have been waiting for - a solo album. To make things even more interesting, he will be releasing his album as an NFT, making him the first Malaysian artist to do so. The NFT album will be released on the 6th of May 2022.

We at Goody! got the chance to exclusively speak to Christian about his new album and we can tell you that he is truly talented and passionate when it comes to music. 

About The Album

When asked about what inspired the album and what kind of vibes can we expect Christian replied saying that releasing a solo album was actually one of his goals and honestly, we love a man who makes goals and achieves them! He also said that the songs in the album were inspired by many things including 9 to 5 jobs being a trap (Preach it, brother!) and of course a few songs about love. 

He also stated that the album will give us some R&B vibes, with a more laid back, chilled out feel which is sort of a mix between the old school R&B melodies and the new school new soul, trap feel.

"I don't want to tell people how to feel, but that's the vibe I was going for and I hope they enjoy it," he said when explaining the overall vibe of the album. 

We then asked him what was his favourite song from the album which probably put him on the spot because he found it a little hard to pick one and said that it is like his own babies and he doesn't really have a favourite. But we all know there's always a favourite child in the family and true enough Christian admitted that if he had to pick one it would be "Say It" which is the lead song on the album. He said that he really got to translate his creative ideas into that track and he was indeed, very happy with it. 

He also included that he did have a lot of fun recording "Poison" because he got the chance the play a lot of guitar and piano on that tune. Well, we can't wait to hear him showcase his musical talent on that track for sure! 

Why NFTS? 

When asked about why he decided to release his album as an NFT he said that it's because NFTs allow artists to reach out to their fans directly without going through a third-party streaming platform or app.

In case you didn't know, artists have been making pennies on the dime for their music being streamed on these third-party streaming platforms or apps which isn't really fair to them when they are the ones who put in their blood sweat and tears to create music for our entertainment. 

Christian also explained that if you buy an NFT and decide to resell it, you can even gain an appreciation of value and so will the creator of that NFT. This way everyone gains a little something! Another cool thing about NFTs is that you can release an album with all the extra stuff like extra graphics, behind the scenes, bonus tracks and more in the folder itself. It is just like in the 90s or early 2000s when you would buy a CD and get all those extra stuff like posters, lyrics and more. Isn't that cool?! 

How Does It Work? 

According to Christian, his NFT is minted on the NEAR Protocol blockchain. To buy the album, he said that you'll have to download the NEAR Protocol wallet and go to the Dao Records gallery which is essentially like an art gallery where you can go through all the NFTs on the page. you can then make your purchase directly from there and it will go directly into your wallet. You can then listen to the album directly from there and even get access to all the extra stuff! Isn't that easy! 

NFT Album Launch Nationwide Tour

As if Christian Theseira couldn't give us enough with the long-awaited solo album, NFTs and even extra stuff, he is also GOING ON TOUR ACROSS THE COUNTRY! Yes, you read that right. In conjunction with the release of his brand new solo album as an NFT, you will get a chance to watch him perform live at venues across Malaysia. Here are the tour dates and venues as it stands with more to be added later:

To purchase the tickets to catch Christian Theseira live in your state, click on this link:

Also, don't forget to stay tuned to Christian Theseira's social media pages to stay up to date on information about his album release and also his tour:



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