Completely Honest Guide To Online Dating During The Pandemic



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Completely Honest Guide To Online Dating During The Pandemic

By Ayunie

Being single in a pandemic sucks, we know. But putting yourself out there when there‘s a lethal virus lose in the air is equally as terrifying. So, what do you do now?  

Well, there are a few cheat codes to navigating your way through the turmoil of online dating during a pandemic, and we've got quite a few of them narrowed down for ya. 

1. Be VERY Selective  

Desperate times call for desperate measures sure, but pandemic or not, you don't want to get involved with someone only for them to be the main character of your emotional trauma episode months after. Swipe your options the way you'd swipe disinfectants on a surface— thoroughly until you get rid of the dirt. 

2. Conduct PLENTY Of Virtual Meetings First    

Gotta know a person before meeting them, right? In this pandemic, you simply cannot afford to be reckless. If you think being single in a pandemic is bad, you don't want to know what being heartbroken in a pandemic feels like. (Trust us, it ain't pretty.) 

So, there's really no harm in getting to know a person well before you decide to meet them in person. But of course, this goes without saying. 

3. Safety Comes First, Always  

Not just about STDs, but Covid-19 too, of course. You really gotta think, “Is this date worth (literally) dying over?" 

Certain traditional rules no longer apply to online dating during a pandemic; if back then you'd weigh a potential partner based on the kind of job they have, if they can afford Spotify premium, or whether or not they still listen to grunge metal... no. Now the questions you really need to start asking should sound like:

• "Do you believe in vaccines?"

• "How seriously do you take SOPs?"

• "Have you been going to places of high risks?"

Okay, we know what you're thinking, "If I want to interrogate people's activities like that, I'd have signed up to be a frontliner!" But if you think about it, everyone is a potential covid-19 patient if you're not careful.


But fret not, we've got other questions on our list that are totally legit as well.

4. When It Comes To Asking The Important Questions, Don't Wait  

The good thing about pandemic dating is that you can use it as an excuse to jump straight from the sheepish first stage dating to the stage where it is acceptable to start asking the key relationship questions because hey we don't have all the time in the world, people are dying. 

• What's your stand on marriage? Do you see yourself having children one day?

• Which side of the bed do you sleep on?

• Which do you pour first; milk or cereal?

• Why did your last relationship end?

• Where do you stand on important social issues?

• What are your thoughts about money?

• What is your dating and sexual history?

Start with these questions and just go from there. It'll be eye-opening to learn more and more about your potential partner this way. At least you'll know head first what you're getting into!

5. When You Do Decide To Link Up, Keep Your Distance  

If you do decide that it's finally time for a date, it's best that both parties get themselves checked, to be safe. Socially distancing date ideas include renting a quaint Airbnb with a view, signing up for fun classes together, going on a dessert quest to multiple cafes, etc, etc. 

"Is having sex with a mask really a thing?"

Well, if your test results both came out negative, then there's nothing to worry about... unless of course, you're into that. 

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