It's 2023, Do We Really Need To Care What Women Wear?



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It's 2023, Do We Really Need To Care What Women Wear?

By Grace Sundram

A student activist known as Ain Husniza recently uploaded a selfie on her social media page and a couple of internet trolls surfaced right after.

This is because many of them claim that the way she posed and dressed was quite inappropriate.

One Twitter user expressed his opinion that he agreed with Ain's passion to make school a safer place. But for him, the picture uploaded by Ain seemed to deliberately invite sexual harassment.

However, the user's comment was deleted after it received various responses from netizens.

Others agreed with the user's opinion while others said the picture doesn't inappropriate at all considering it a normal selfie.

Some even posted a selfie just like Ain to show that there was nothing wrong with it.

Though some may have the intention to advise her but the way they might have phrased their words might be openly seen as cyberbullying.

Despite it coming from a good place or not, we should go by the phrase: if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. After all, she's still a teenager. But that doesn't give anyone the right to tell anyone how they should dress and behave and how their actions might lead to unfortunate circumstances. 

Don't you believe that it's about time we stop dictating how a woman should dress and educate ourselves instead to learn how to respect women without over-sexualizing every little detail?

What do you think?

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Grace Sundram

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