Man Gets Slandered For Demanding McD & KFC To Have Menu Rahmah



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Man Gets Slandered For Demanding McD & KFC To Have Menu Rahmah

By sleepingbeauty

So, as we all know, the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN) just launched a new initiative to offer a B-40-friendly menu at numerous local eateries for just RM5.

While some Malaysians were relieved that this programme would allow them to afford a well-balanced meal at a fair price, others were expecting more.

"Why didn't McDonald's and KFC offer a Rahmah Menu?" This man commented on a Facebook post. It simply goes to show how much the government is pressuring small local businesses run by Malay owners to join the initiative because they are fearful of associating with others [larger food chains].

He further remarked that, given Starbucks' high prices, how come they didn't offer a Menu Rahmah as well? Don't limit this initiative to Malays only.

Clearly, the individual does not understand the initiative's sole objective.

Thankfully, not everyone thinks like him and started raging over his controversial comment, claiming both McD and KFC had launched a similar campaign named McD Super Savers and KFC had its Loaded Potato Bowl dish for a long time now.

Another person commented that this is the type of person that wants to eat everything for the cheapest price possible, but if they are charged RM7 for a meal, they whine about how expensive it is.

Sometimes we just need to be grateful that we have such initiatives to help us.

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