WATCH: Man Pays RM350 For A Ride From KLIA To Bukit Bintang, Says “I Got Scammed!”



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WATCH: Man Pays RM350 For A Ride From KLIA To Bukit Bintang, Says “I Got Scammed!”

By JustineG

A tourist has issued a warning to potential travellers to Malaysia after claiming he was scammed of RM350 while taking a taxi from KLIA to Bukit Bintang. 

Posting on his TikTok account @khletus.travels, the tourist recounted his ordeal, hoping it would serve as a cautionary tale to prevent others from falling into a similar predicament. He narrated how, upon their weary arrival from a gruelling 17-hour flight, they went directly to the taxi counter to arrange a ride to Kuala Lumpur's city centre. 

@khletus.travels Checking prices is generally a good thing to do Correction: it was a mini bus/van (14 seater) NOT a taxi #malaysia #kualalumpur #malaysiatiktok #traveltips #travellife Everything Works Out in the end instrumental - scars

Upon hearing the price, he suspected it might be a part of a scam. "But, because my family was so tired, they didn't mind. They were like, 'We'll just accept it, it's okay'. And finally, the person who guided us to the taxi confirmed, 'Yes guys, you just got scammed'," he stated in the video. 

Ultimately, the tourist paid RM350 (equivalent to 70 Euros) instead of the expected fare ranging from RM210 to RM220 (42 Euros). However, he concluded the video by emphasizing that the incident does not reflect the entirety of his experience in Malaysia and that most Malaysians are honest.

The video sparked various reactions, with some questioning his decision to agree to the inflated price. Others pointed out that Malaysians have largely transitioned to using services like Grab instead of traditional taxis.

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