"I Know I'm Stupid!" Taylor Swift Fan Scammed RM550 For Eras Tour Tickets By Penang Woman



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"I Know I'm Stupid!" Taylor Swift Fan Scammed RM550 For Eras Tour Tickets By Penang Woman

By JustineG

Navigating the realm of concert ticket purchases, especially through secondary channels, always comes with its risks. Whether it's the exorbitant pricing or suspiciously low offers, the pitfalls are aplenty. One Taylor Swift enthusiast, who goes by the Twitter handle Nuna, recently shared her unfortunate experience of being duped out of RM550 for Eras Tour Tickets.

According to Nuna, she connected with someone named "Fatieha" who presented herself as a trustworthy student based in Singapore. To add an air of legitimacy, Fatieha even shared a copy of her IC and passport with Nuna. Feeling somewhat reassured, Nuna initiated a partial payment of RM550 to secure the tickets. However, alarm bells started ringing when she noticed that the bank account details didn't match Fatieha's name; instead, they belonged to a Mazizam Bin Ibrahim.

The scammer claimed that Mazizam was her cousin, and Nuna, initially believing her, later discovered that the initial agreement was for her to pay half the ticket amount upfront. Fatieha then promised to provide the Ticketmaster account after this initial payment.

Despite this red flag, Nuna proceeded with the transaction. Things took a turn when Fatieha insisted on the second half payment, citing her sister's concerns about potential scams. A dispute ensued, and Nuna demanded a refund. However, Fatieha refused, claiming she couldn't reimburse the money and insisted on the balance payment. Despite a promise to refund the funds by 8 pm, Fatieha vanished, deleting her original post and blocking Nuna on Twitter.

After Nuna's thread gained traction, a generous individual, believed to be a Dewi Remaja contestant and fellow Taylor Swift fan, stepped in and offered RM600. While the benefactor's identity remains undisclosed, Nuna expressed gratitude for the unexpected support. Netizens flooded the thread with sympathy for Nuna and cautionary messages about the scammer.


In a surprising twist, another Twitter user revealed that the same IC was used to scam her but with different bank accounts. This revelation sparked discussions about whether Fatieha could be a victim herself, with the possibility of a group exploiting her details. The incident serves as a stark reminder to exercise caution and vigilance when making purchases from unverified sources.

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