【Tech】Is Your iPhone Battery Draining Fast? You‘re Not Alone | Why, And How To Fix It:



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Is Your iPhone Battery Draining Fast? You‘re Not Alone | Why, And How To Fix It:

A   |   Jul 19, 2021, 13:00   |   1013

A significant number of Apple iPhone users have complained of an extreme battery drain after updating to iOS 14.6.


Pictured above: an iPhone 12 battery health drops From 100% to 91% in three weeks

Albeit the new features and game-changing privacy updates, iOS 14.6 come with quite a serious downside as well. Many users are now warning those who haven't updated to hold on a little longer as it might compromise their phone's battery health. 


Apple is yet to release a statement addressing the issue but in the meantime, ZDNet has proposed a way to fix the battery problem, if applicable. 

1. Go to Settings > Battery
2. Scroll down to battery usage and check which app uses the most battery life  

Most users reported the app Podcast has been the culprit, so if you happen to have the app, it is perhaps best to uninstall it at the moment. 


Apple isn't exactly the winner when it comes to producing satisfactory battery life on their iPhones, and until they officially address the issue at hand, the best you can do is follow these tips to preserve your phone's battery for as long as possible. 


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