"I Have Forgiven My Son," Husband To Beheaded Wife Says Regarding His Son's Unforgiveable Crime



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"I Have Forgiven My Son," Husband To Beheaded Wife Says Regarding His Son's Unforgiveable Crime

By Ayunie

"Albeit still shaken by this tragedy, I have already forgiven my son. No matter what, he remains my flesh and blood and I hope he truly repents," these are the words spoken by the father of the deranged son, who beheaded his mother under the influence of drugs, in a tragic murder case that happened on 16th January 2022. 


The bloody incident happened at about 5 PM in their home in Kampung Baru Pasir Penambang, Selangor. The 56-year-old victim was found headless in the living room with traces of blood found around the house. The 28-year-old unemployed suspect was arrested by police shortly after with the help of their neighbors. 


According to the 61-year-old man who declined to be identified, at the time of the incident, he was selling shrimp in Kampung Bukit Belimbing before being approached by residents who informed him of the tragedy that befell his wife.

At last, The 56-year-old deceased was finally laid to rest at the Kampung Permatang Islamic Cemetery, at about 5.20 PM this afternoon. Dozens of family members and relatives attended the funeral as a final goodbye. 


As his last words to the media, he pleads the community to stop the spread of his late wife's pictures as he deems it disgraceful. "Please stop doing that. My wife was a good person and let her rest peacefully for eternity."

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