Mum Raises Concerns Over School Graduation Trip That Costs RM1950



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Mum Raises Concerns Over School Graduation Trip That Costs RM1950

By JustineG

The cost of primary school graduation trips has recently become a topic of intense discussion, ignited by a Facebook post from a concerned parent. 

The parent expressed dissatisfaction with the exorbitant prices of the graduation packages, which require students to travel by plane to Sabah, Sarawak, or Singapore. This has sparked a heated debate within society.    

It was said that the school provided three destination options for parents to vote on: Singapore (RM1490), Sarawak (RM1850), and Sabah (RM1950).

The mother voiced her discontent, questioning the rationale behind such high expenses and whether they considered the financial capabilities of most parents. She suggested that more affordable and accessible destinations, such as Penang Hill or Taman Negara, should have been taken into consideration.,h_800,al_c,q_85,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01,enc_auto/1.jpg

"The purpose of a graduation trip is to allow classmates, who have spent six years together, to enjoy their final moments and create cherished memories of their primary school years. If students are compelled to choose different travel packages due to their families financial constraints, or if it burdens parents excessively, then one must question the true meaning of such a graduation trip."

Netizens also expressed their concerns over the steep prices and raised queries as to why air travel was deemed necessary instead of exploring domestic destinations.

"It's too expensive. It's just a primary school graduation; it doesn't need to be this extravagant."

"I don't think primary school students need to take flights for a graduation trip. It would be sufficient to have them explore local destinations. Moreover, a thousand ringgit for a trip seems unnecessary; not all families can afford it."

"Personally, I don't think they have considered the financial difficulties faced by some parents or the forced nature of the trip, which may leave the children feeling uncomfortable."

However, some individuals held a differing opinion, stating that the graduation trip is optional and should not be subject to public scrutiny.

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