A Mother Sold Her Baby For RM 25,000



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A Mother Sold Her Baby For RM 25,000

By Jada

The officials of the Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) were approached by the nurses who discovered that the baby boy was not with his mother when the nurses visited their house for vaccination.

During the investigation of the officials of JKM, the biological mother of the baby (30-year-old) revealed that she was unable to raise the baby boy and she handed him over to relatives after birth. However, her words were suspicious, so the officials of the JKM reported the case to the police.

Photo source: Sinchew 

The Chief Police of Arua District, Nanda Maarof confirmed that the above-mentioned case involved illegal trafficking of babies. The police traced that the 3-month-old baby boy had been handed over to a couple from Penang who are 37 years old and 36 years old respectively. They are both professionals and they had paid RM 25,000 to the biological mother as the cost of adoption.

A few days ago, the couple applied for the birth certificate of the baby boy with them as the biological parents for the baby boy. It is believed to be a forged as the couple holds the obstetric record book of a private hospital.

Photo source: Sinchew

The police arrested the biological mother, adoptive parents, and a couple suspected of being an intermediary, aged between 30 and 59 years old, and invoked an investigation under Section 48 (2) of the 2001 Children Act (trafficking of children). 

Cover photo: Sinchew

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