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Look what I found - Compressible Mini Washing Machine! Best for college students and expats.

EGHYJ   |   Dec 21, 2020, 12:56   |   149

Attention to all college students and expats! Washing clothes is no longer a hazard!

Remember the time when I was in college, staying alone in the student dorm, learning to cook, to clean, to wash, basically everything by myself for the first time. It was fun at first, but soon it became a downer. Especially when you are not as wealthy and trying to save every penny that you can, by washing your own clothes in a tiny bathroom, with the pail, "bangku" (stool chair) and slippery floor. Plus, trying to squeeze out the water to hang dry later and you learnt that sun is essential in order to get the ordour out. Aaarrrggghhhh, what a life~ 

So, to reduce your worries and hassle, here's an amazing gadget from a Japanese brand, Soseki, that could very well makes your washing life much easier!

Introducing the ultimate must have for students & expats : Soseki's Compressible Mini Washing Machine.

The first thing that came into my eye is that, the size of this washing machine is compact and COMPRESSIBLE! When it is unfolded, the volume is around 4.5 litre, which is approximately a pail's volume. So it's just like having another nice looking pail in your room. If you folded it down, it becomes a small box with only 11cm height. Making it very convenient to store and even to pack in your luggage for a longer term trip. 

Soseki's Compressible Mini Washing Machine is best for washing your inner garments, socks and light weight tees or pants. With it's Silver Ion Antibacterial feature and Pasteurization function, it can effectively removes all the bacteria from your garments, making your garment safer to wear. 


How the washing machine works is very similar to all the normal size washing machines, it even has a water outlet that automatically discharge water from the pail. So you wouldn't need to carry up the pail to pour out the water in the toilet. You are only required to fill in adequate amount of water and your washing detergent, press a button or two, wait about 12 minutes and voila! Your clothes are now clean and bacteria-free!


Worry about electric and water bill? Soseki's Mini Washing Machine is specially designed to save both water and electric. Another amazing advantage of this washing machine is that, it does not create much noise when washing. Unlike many of the normal size washing machine that wakes up the neighbors when it is doing it's job. With Soseki's Washing Machine, you wouldn't notice that it is washing. 


Feel like getting one? Here's where you can get this amazing invention : TaoBao | Shopee | AliExpress

**Kindly check the legibility of the seller before you place your order.  


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