3 Natural Signs of Gaining Weight



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3 Natural Signs of Gaining Weight

By xweienx

Putting on weight doesn't happen overnight. It happens gradually over a certain period of time, but when it is visually obvious enough, it might be too late. You should know that our body actually gives off certain signals when we're slowly gaining weight. This is because as the fat saturation in our body exceeds our needs, they tend to accumulate in certain areas of the bodies, causing some things to change.


Today, we'll share 3 of the signals your body uses to tell you it's gaining weight. If you notice at least 2 of them happening to you, it's time to bring out those sport shoes and start watching your diet!

1. Underarm Body Odour Getting Worse

Sweat is secreted by the sweat glands all over the body and since it is 99% water, it's colorless and tasteless. However, when sweat combines with sebum secreted by the surrounding sebaceous glands, it gives off a foul smell. A meat based diet will particularly make the sebaceous glands more active and produce an acidic odour. Therefore, it's best to avoid overly spicy and salty food. That means saying no to fast food, fried snacks, and alcohol.


2. You Often Bite Your Tongue or Cheek While Eating

Yes, your tongue can get fat! Not just your tongue, but also your cheeks, because these areas are just pockets for fats. So, as you gain more weight, these areas will start to get bigger and get in the way when you're chewing. Ouch!


3. Snoring Getting Worse

A reason for snoring is due to excessive fat accumulation in the respiratory tract. When you gain weight, you'll realize your neck getting thicker, but that doesn't just happen externally, fat also accumulates internally around the respiratory tract. This squeezes the airway and make it narrower, which in turn intensifies the vibration of air passing through, causing snoring.


So, the weight gain signals sent by the body can actually be easily detected. One signal should be enough to get your attention, while two should get you a little worried, especially if you have an ideal body type!

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