Love language is fundamental in a relationship – Why is that?



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Love language is fundamental in a relationship – Why is that?

By Trissss

Love is a universal word that everyone understood. Whether you are talking to a Chinese, Indian, Korean or Latino. When you say the word ‘love’, no one would ever need more contexts for the word. The word itself has such a diverse interpretation of it based on different people. But, did you know that there is a language for love? 

What is Love Language?  
Gary Chapman is the man behind this concept. His first book about love language was published in 1992 and he has sold 11millions copies of the book since then. Love language includes words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, physical touch and receiving gifts. He believes that love will transform into these languages during daily interaction with your love one. However, among these, there would be one as their primary language. The rest of it would rank differently after taking a test. So, where can we take the test? 

You can get tested online.  
There is this website that you could take a test to assess what’s your primary love language. It takes around 10 minutes to complete the test. You are required to answer a few questions in the test. The result will be shown in the end. What happens next after the test?

It’s time to break down the meaning of love language.  
Did you realize that some people are touchy or expressive towards their partner? Some are not expressive, but they have always spent time with their partner. That’s because all of us might have a different primary language with each other. For example, if your primary language of love is:

1. Words of affirmation—you enjoy hearing compliments from your partner, or you feel joy when they say they are proud of you.

2. Physical touch—getting a hug or holding hands make you feel happy.

3. Quality time—both of you spend the effort to make time to have a date or fun activities together. 

4. Acts of Service—your partner offers help to run errands.

5. Receiving gift—when your partner travels for work and brought you a gift.

Then, what if you and your partner do not share the same love language? Fear not! You could still learn their love language. Relationship is all about learning and discovering each other's difference. It is a lifelong task to be done.

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