Want Shah Rukh Khan To Perform At Your Wedding? Here's How Much It Will Cost



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Want Shah Rukh Khan To Perform At Your Wedding? Here's How Much It Will Cost

1 Week ago
By MJC97

Recently, we heard all about the Malaysian couple who had an Oscar-themed wedding and wow, they marched in looking like Star Wars and even photoshopped themselves into movie posters. Congrats you guys!

Aaa, themed weddings, aren't they just so sickeningly cute, sappy and beautiful?! 

The kind of themed wedding that we Malaysians love is a good Bollywood-themed wedding. It is just the kind of thing that adds a little extra spice to our lives. (pun intended)


Since most Bollywood-themed weddings are all extravagant and luxurious to the max, you can never predict what would happen next. Maybe everyone around you breaks out into a perfectly choreographed dance sequence or hey, is that Bollywood Star Shah Rukh Khan?! 

Yep, that's right! In 2018, an Indian billionaire, Mukesh Ambani, got Shah Rukh Khan and his wife, Gauri, to perform at his son's wedding! 

Watch the video here:

OMG! After that, no Bollywood-themed wedding is complete without Shah Rukh Khan making an appearance! 

So, if you have a Bollywood-themed wedding and want this Bollywood Star to perform at your wedding, let's just say it isn't going to cost you one month's salary, actually probably not even a year's salary. 


According to the South China Morning Post, it will cost you around US$400,000 to 500,000, that's RM1,763,000 to RM2,203,750 per event. Hey, that will probably cost you more than your wedding! 

But let's say you have the money and you send him the invitation, there's no guarantee that he will actually accept your invitation. Apparently, he normally only accepts invitations from people that he knows. So, famous Indian billionaire, yes. Random Malaysian person, probably no!

If you could have any celebrity perform at your wedding, who would it be? Share your answers in the comments section, maybe we can find out how much it would cost and you could start saving! 

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