M’sians Go Crazy With Memes After ‘Legendary Stool’ Lewis Hamilton Sat On Is Sold For RM2888 on Shopee! Here Are The Best Ones



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M’sians Go Crazy With Memes After ‘Legendary Stool’ Lewis Hamilton Sat On Is Sold For RM2888 on Shopee! Here Are The Best Ones

By MJC97

Just a few days ago, netizens started sharing photos and videos of the famous Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 driver and seven-time Formula 1 (F1) world champion Sir Lewis Hamilton in Kuala Lumpur with new teammate George Russell. 

They were seen at a Petronas station in Ampang and later based on Sir Lewis Hamilton's IG story it is understood that they also visited the Petronas Twin Towers. 

Soon after people started sharing photos of him at the petrol station, one photo, in particular, went viral and it is this photo of him sitting on a black plastic stool which is now known as the LEGENDARY STOOL!

The reason it went viral is that it was later sold on Shopee for a whopping sum of RM 2888.88! 

Seeing how viral it went, the admin of Mydin's official Twitter account who is known for responding hilariously to viral happenings in Malaysia, once again made us roll on the floor laughing with this post:

The caption translates to: "We don't have a black stool, only orange. Original price RM50k, admin give promotion RM 20.90 only"

Good one Mydin! We'd take your orange stool over anything Sir Lewis Hamilton's butt has been on!

Besides this hilarious post by Mydin, many other netizens decided to join the fun after a Twitter user by the username @NFTeesProj shared an edited image of Lewis Hamilton sitting on the stool with the background removed and encouraged netizens to join the fun of putting him in random places. 

Here are some of our favourite edits that will crack you up!

- "Did you run into him or not just now?" says the caption.

- Why are you rejecting that delicious meal, Sir Lewis Hamilton?"

- Casually getting a haircut at the local barbershop

- AEON joined the fun too!

"Have you settled your Raya shopping? We have an assortment of things at AEON. If you get tired, you can rest like our bro Hamilton." says the caption.

- Sir Lewis Hamilton with a turban on, helping Uncle Malkith in the kitchen!

- Even Sir Lewis Hamilton is waiting to get his booster shot, what's your excuse?!

- Using the public restroom but first asking his mum for 50 sen to pay before entry 

- Attending a Parliament session

- Looks like he got an offshore job here

- He is even hanging out with his bros at the mamak watching the game, wonder which team he supports?

- Wah he is even fasting here!

The caption says "Sorry, I am fasting."

Have you seen any other hilarious photoshop edits of Sir Lewis Hamilton on the legendary black stool? Share the links in the comments section, we'd love to see them! 

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