You Can Now Lock Your Bank Account If You Suspect Scams



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You Can Now Lock Your Bank Account If You Suspect Scams

4 Days ago

According to the National Financial Crime Prevention Centre, fellow Malaysians have lost over RM50 million to scams in just 4 months (Oct 2022 to Jan 2023). Scammers are everywhere, and they are getting smarter each time. Despite all the reminders/experience sharing from fellow netizens and the effort from our government sectors, we are still vulnerable to it.

In line with that, the Hong Leong Bank Connect has introduced an all-new feature - Emergency Lock. This feature allows you to cut off all the recent transactions from your bank account, except for scheduled instructions or recurring transactions. 

The Emergency Lock button can be found on both the Hong Leong Bank Connect website and the mobile application.
After locking down your account, you can still access your HLB Connect Online & App to check your account balance. Also, credit or debit card/-i transactions outside of HLB Connect will not be affected.
If you have activated this feature, you are required to call Hong Leong Bank (03-76168899) immediately for further guidance.

This feature is an amazing addition to help reduce losses to scammers. Hats off to Hong Leong Bank! 

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