Report Shows Apple iPhone 12 Emits Too High Level Of Radiation; France to Halt Its Sales



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Report Shows Apple iPhone 12 Emits Too High Level Of Radiation; France to Halt Its Sales


The French regulatory body overseeing radio frequencies, known as ANFR, has reported that its testing has revealed the iPhone 12 emits a higher level of electromagnetic waves that can be absorbed by the human body than is permitted by regulations.

In response to this discovery, ANFR has taken action, ordering Apple to cease sales of the iPhone 12 in France as of September 12th due to the model exceeding the permissible limit for electromagnetic absorption by the body. During testing scenarios that simulated the phone being held in a hand or placed in a pocket, accredited laboratories recorded an absorption rate of 5.74 watts per kilogram, while the European standard dictates a maximum of 4.0 watts per kilogram for such tests.

ANFR has issued a statement on its website, stipulating that Apple must promptly implement corrective measures for the affected phones already sold to bring them into compliance with the standards; otherwise, a recall will be necessary.

It is worth noting that tests assessing electromagnetic radiation absorption at a distance of five centimetres have shown that the iPhone 12 complies with the limit of 2.0 watts per kilogram.

Starting Wednesday, ANFR will initiate checks to ensure that iPhone 12 models are no longer available for sale in France. Apple has not yet provided an immediate comment on the matter when contacted by AFP.

Various countries have established regulations to limit the amount of electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones to safeguard against potential health risks. The World Health Organization maintains that extensive research has not identified any established adverse health effects resulting from mobile phone usage.

Source: France24

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