These are the Most Wholesome Compliments You Can Give Someone!



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These are the Most Wholesome Compliments You Can Give Someone!

By ellephant

Compliments are nice, 'You look good', 'You're beautiful', 'You're hot', 'Gorgeous', 'Pretty', 'Handsome', 'Sexy', so on and so forth. They make us feel good about ourselves, and that, our efforts to present ourselves to the world, are actually appreciated.  

However, there are plenty of different types of compliments. Those that commend our physique, others that do so our minds and souls. Focusing on those that aren't so explicit, here are 5 meaningful compliments that often go unnoticed. 

1. 'You make me feel accepted and understood'  

Telling someone that their efforts to accept and understand you for who you are, is complimenting them for who they are as a person, and that leaves quite an impact. 

2. 'You inspire me'  

Expressing a form of gratitude, 'You inspire me' is a way of saying to someone that 'because of you, I want to do this'. 

3. 'You make me want to be a better person'  

Crème of the crop, change is by far the hardest thing for anyone to muster. Letting someone know this, is saying that you're going to be a better you, thanks to them. 

4. 'Your kindness knows no bounds'  

Commending their souls, telling someone they are kind surpasses everything superficial, and resonates with people on a much more deeper level. 

5. 'I am so proud of you'  

Often overlooked, having someone say 'I am so proud of you', whether it's a parent, a sibling, a friend, or a significant other, it moves people. 

We always give out compliments that are heard on the daily, which is certainly not wrong or inappropriate in any way. However, complimenting someone on their thoughts, or their souls, is a wonderful way to make sure people remember you.  

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