Being Mr. Right: Here Are 9 Ways To Win Husband Of The Year



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Being Mr. Right: Here Are 9 Ways To Win Husband Of The Year

By ellephant

As much as fairytales and fiction are most times only on screens, being the right person so that you have happily after with your special someone, is not impossible. 

It takes effort yes, but when someone means so much, going the extra mile for them, shouldn't be so hard. 

Men, here are 9 ways you can be the perfect husband, check them out!  

#1 Find out what it means to be a great husband

Each of you probably have different notions of what being a great husband means. Talk to each other and find out that definition. This way, the two of you can meet halfway and work from there to attaining that meaning. 

#2 Make her laugh

There is just something so appealing about men who know how to make women laugh. Spend your time joking with your wife, she will very much appreciate it.  

#3 Have a vision, work on it together

Working on building a family is a joint effort. Have a vision on all the things the two of you would like to achieve as you move forward in the marriage together, and equally put in the elbow grease. 

#4 Have a life outside each other & family

Prioritize personal space, me-time, going out with friends, having hobbies or passions. Do not center your entire world on this one person, just because you're married.  

#5 Don't stop trying to win her 

Just because you got the girl, don't for a second think that you should stop trying. Take her out for dates, to the movies, buy her flowers, gifts, surprise her, remember all the little things, and love her right. 

Love means trying everyday because you want to. 

#6 Stand on your own two feet

She isn't your mother, so please do not make her do things for you. 

There is nothing sexier than a man who cleans up after himself, looks after himself, who is their own person, and who is able to do things without having her tell him to do them.  

#7 Be a great husband and an even greater dad

Do right by your children, they are your responsibility. When you love, honor and respect them right, you love, honor and respect her right. Be someone she's proud to be married to. 

#8 No matter what, communicate, be honest and kind

Talking is the foundation to every relationship. Be open, honest and above all, kind to one another. She needs to feel safe with you, the only way to do that is to let her in, and make her feel secure enough to talk to you about anything.  

#9 Be consistent

And last but not least, as you do things right, strive to constantly make that happen everyday. Being consistent will show her how much you actually care about her, and about the marriage you both share.  

Marriage is not easy, but whether it becomes something worth the struggle, that's up to you. 

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