M'sian Man's Lucrative Career As An Escort Earns Him RM15k Monthly



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M'sian Man's Lucrative Career As An Escort Earns Him RM15k Monthly

By JustineG

Loneliness and neglect in the lives of wealthy women have led to a growing demand for male companionship services. 

In Malaysia, a 26-year-old man named Alex has found a lucrative career as an escort, catering to the needs of affluent women, including Datins, entrepreneurs, and widows. With a monthly income of up to RM15,000, Alex shares his experiences and sheds light on the inner workings of this unique industry.


According to reports, the target demographic for male companion services is women between the ages of 40 and 50, seeking companionship and a connection. These women are willing to spend generously to escape their loneliness and find solace in the company of a male escort.

Alex, who has been in the industry for five years, initially ventured into the world of male companionship during his university days. With an hourly rate of RM100, he offers his services to affluent clients seeking emotional support and companionship. His monthly earnings can reach an impressive RM15,000, while part-time work brings in around RM8,000.


Acquiring clients through social media platforms, Alex maintains a discreet relationship with his patrons. Some engagements even involve international travel, ensuring privacy and fostering deeper connections. 

However, he clarifies that becoming an escort requires more than just a desire for quick money. It demands youth, discretion, good looks, confidence, and effective communication skills. Many escort boys come from backgrounds such as modelling, fitness training, aviation, or university education.


While the profession can be financially rewarding, Alex acknowledges occasional encounters with clients who are unwilling to pay the agreed-upon fees. 

Some women may hesitate to pay the substantial hiring fee of RM1,000 for a 5-hour service, posing challenges for escorts seeking fair compensation. By satisfying their desires and providing companionship, he ensures that they feel valued and appreciated, leading to repeat engagements.

What are your thoughts on this unique career choice? 

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