WATCH: M'sian Woman Surprises Parents With New Car After Years Of Driving An Old Kancil



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WATCH: M'sian Woman Surprises Parents With New Car After Years Of Driving An Old Kancil

2 Weeks ago
By sleepingbeauty

A viral TikTok video captures the joyous moment when @kakpaten_kp surprises her parents with a new car. Kak Paten orchestrated the surprise during a family meal at a restaurant in Ipoh.

After the meal, they recorded a TikTok video before she handed the car keys to her mother. The mother, initially puzzled, was surprised by the father revealing the new car from a distance. Overwhelmed by the gesture, her parents cried and embraced Kak Paten. Before this, her parents had been grappling with car issues, frequently breaking down in various conditions.

Since her childhood, she witnessed their struggles to raise their children, including returning to the village on a 12-wheel truck driven by her father during celebrations. Throughout their marriage, her parents had never owned a new car, often relying on buses or hitching rides with relatives. Acknowledging their hardships, she decided to gift them a more comfortable new car.

In her caption, she expressed gratitude for the fulfilment of her intention to give this gift, thanking Allah. In the comment section, many netizens expressed deep emotion, with some even shedding tears after watching the video. 

They also prayed for Kak Paten and her family to continue receiving blessings.

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